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Destroyer Lord

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Necron Destroyer Lord

The Destroyer Lord is a variation of the Necron Lord.


Destroyer Lords are Necron Lords who suffered physical damage during the Great Sleep, have been repaired, and placed onto a Destroyer's body. Destroyer Lords are more machine-like than standard Necron Lords and are said to be the most maniacal of their kind, lacking any ability to emphasize with other creatures due to their cold, calculating nature. Even mighty Necron Overlords find Destroyer Lords somewhat disconcerting, believing they have too willingly embraced the machine and may turn on their own kind when the galaxy is rid of organic life. As a result, many are outcasts and pariahs in Necron society.[1]

In combat, it is said that the physical might of a Necron Lord equals the mightiest Overlords. Most favor warscythes and voidblades.[1] They are a chilling sight on the battlefield and fill many with dread and horror. Age mars and chips at their once-perfectly silvered forms. To further unnerve the enemy, they direct their forces to attack in eerie silence and have glittering arcs of energy surrounding the soulless fires that burn in their empty eye sockets.[Needs Citation]

Notable Destroyer Lords