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Silver Tower of Tzeentch

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Silver Towers of Tzeentch over Fenris

Silver Tower of Tzeentch is a Daemon Engine of Tzeentch, the Dark God of Sorcery. A Silver Tower forms an outlandish sight - a collection of stunningly beautiful, intricately carved towers resting upon a circular disc; it floats above the battlefield supported by nothing but sorcery. The Tower is of full of dozens of Tzeentchian Thrall-Wizards, whos' sorcery drives the powerful weapons the tower is armed with.[1]

The Master of each Silver Tower is an Exalted Sorcerer of Tzeentch - magician of the great knowledge and power.[4]

During the Siege of the Fenris System in late M41 the Thousand Sons used Silver Towers to great effect. Nine of them appeared above the surface of Fenris acting as a mobile fortress which dropped onto the surface of Fenris the Rubicae, Tzaangors, and Daemons.[3]


The Silver Tower's weapons are fueled by the powers of the Thrall Wizards aboard and take the form of sorcerous blasts of Warp power.[1]

  • Beam of Power - a single, highly potent, energy blast capable of damaging even the most heavily armoured targets[1]
  • Bolts of Change - multiple blasts of energy, fired in volleys[1]

In addition to its considerable offensive capability, a Silver Tower is protected by powerful wards which form a wall of energy shielding not only the Tower itself, but also other nearby allied vehicles and infantry.[1]


Silver Tower (Epic Scale)