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Blood Throne

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A Blood Throne

Blood Thrones are a type of Khornate Daemon Engine.


The Blood Throne of Khorne is a Daemonic chariot ridden by the Daemons of Khorne. An echo of the mighty dais upon which Khorne himself resides, these Daemon Engines are able to mangle all those who stand in its path. Blood Thrones are manned by Bloodletters, and upon its throne sits a mighty Herald of Khorne[1]

The Blood Throne is a mark of status, a manifestation of Khorne's own favor among his minions. Should the Herald manning the chariot stand high enough in the Blood God's favor, his blessing ripples outward from the throne and with it a portion of Khorne's wrath. This sensation becomes infused within the veins of nearby Daemons, driving them into a maddening frenzy.[2]


Blood Throne of Khorne[1]

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