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Magma Corer

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The Magma Corer is a species of Tyranid involved in planetary consumption.[1]

Large creatures seemingly related to the Carnifex, Magma Corers dig and dissolve their way through sedimentary and igneous rocks down to the mantle and magma of a planet. As they tunnel, they secrete a vitrifying gel which coats the tube and prevents its collapse until the tap is deep enough to begin expelling the compressed gasses. In areas where magma is sufficient caustic, the low viscosity lava will typically erupt releasing huge quantities of dissolved gases. In areas where the lava is acidic, explosive eruptions have occurred. This results in a significant loss of life to all creatures within miles on the surface. It is unknown if the Magma Corers survive once they reach the 35-40km depth at which the process is initiated, and the Imperium speculates that the species utilizes some sort of psychic process in order to achieve this amazing feat.[1]


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