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A Tyrannofex is a monstrous battle-fortress species of Tyranid. Its bulk, armour and weaponry makes it a match to, or even goes beyond, its foe's most powerful battle tanks constructed of more conventional technology.[1]


A Tyrannofex has a massive cannon fused with its torso, the largest and most destructive Tyranid weapon carried by anything smaller than a Bio-Titan. The nature of the main cannon varies between Tyrannofexes. There are three known variations[1]:

  • Acid Spray — Capable of storing and spraying caustic digestive fluid to easily break down organic matter and even body-armour.
  • Fleshborer Hive — A seething colony of vicious Fleshborer beetles that hatch thousands of fast maturing eggs which must be regularly expelled to prevent the Tyrannofex from bursting apart from within.
  • Rupture Cannon — Launches two cannonballs in quick succession. The first is a bloated tick that bursts upon impact, showering the target in oil. The second is a hard, virtually impenetrable seedpod. The fluid from the first hit dissolves the shell of the second in a fraction of a second, causing a massive implosion of the target powerful enough to force armoured vehicles inside out.

Along with its main cannon, a Tyrannofex also stocks anti-infantry weapons embedded in its carapace and breeding chambers in its thorax.[1]

However, a Tyrannofex is a bulky and ponderous target in close combat if its foes brave its formidable short-range weaponry. In response the Hive Mind has adapted Tyrannofexes with the ability to emit a stress pheromone to attract other Tyranid creatures for assistance at close quarters.[1]


  • The Slayer of Hordes: Acid Spray, desiccator larvae, and cluster spines.[2]


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