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Von Ryan's Leaper

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Von Ryan's Leaper[5]

Von Ryan's Leapers are Tyranid creatures whose swift, agile, and utterly lethal nature, makes them the ultimate ambush predators. Unlike normally solitary Lictors, Leapers are pack-hunters and they emerge in groups to eviscerate the Tyranids' enemies.[1] Leapers take genetic elements from Hormagaunts and Lictors, combining their best qualities to create a deadly melee threat. They move exceedingly fast thanks to their balancing tails.[4]


Though they did not recieve a miniature until the 10th Edition, Von Ryan's Leapers were first mentioned in the 3rd Edition Tyranid Codex[3]. They are also mentioned in the Warhammer 40,000 Trading Card Game[2]


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