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Meiotic Spore

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a Meiotic Spore by Forge World

Tyranid Meiotic spores are large sacks full of bio-acid and toxins and contain smaller Spore Mines within them. Trailing long, groping tendrils, they detonate when they sense an enemy nearby, showering their foe with razor-sharp chitin and bone fragments, toxic gases and corrosive juices.[1]


Ordo Xenos Departmento Analyticus Record
Designation Meiotic spore Main Weaponry Bio-acid detonation
Common Title Drifters
Specied Name Boletus majoris Secondary Weaponry None
Average Height 4.2m
Average Weight 0.9 tonnes Tertiary Weaponry None
First encountered Beta Anphelion IV
Role Anti-aircraft defence
Threat evaluation Low

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