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Known Members of the Emperor's Children

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Known members of the Emperor's Children Legion.

Notes on Format

This article contains a list of all known Astartes of the Emperor's Children from both M41 (the 'current' stage of the setting) and the Great Crusade/Horus Heresy/Post Heresy Era.

All members listed under the 'Heresy' era should also be assumed to have taken part in the Great Crusade. Astartes listed as 'Great Crusade' era are assumed to have died before the outbreak of the Heresy. Those listed as 'Post Heresy' may or may not have taken part in the Heresy as well.


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Name Notes Source(s)
Abdemon Lieutenant-Commander (Heresy-era). Killed by one of his captains at the Battle of Isstvan III. [9b]
Abranxe, Bastarnae Captain, 85th Company (Heresy-era). Killed by Fulgrim. [7]
Alkenex, Flavius Prefector and member of the Phoenix Guard following the Battle of Isstvan III, tasked with maintaining communication between elements of the Legion during the Heresy. [9a][30d]
Amadeo Dreadnought. [19a]
Anguis Sorcerer Lord. [19b]
Anteus Captain (Heresy-era). [13b]
Argimedes 12th Company. [28h]
Archorian Lord Commander (Heresy-era). Killed by Eidolon [Needs Citation]
Armanitan, Hasten Luthris Captain (Heresy-era). [18]
Axalian, Damaras Captain, 29th Company (Heresy-era). [1]


Name Notes Source(s)
Bellephus Originally a member of 67th Company, later a member of 12th Company. Champion of Savona. [28g]
Bellerophid Scarlet Marquis, also see his quote. [32]
Bulle Legionary, 10th Company (Heresy-era). [13a]


Name Notes Source(s)
Caphen, Gaius Sergeant, 2nd Company (Heresy-era). Second in command to Captain Solomon Demeter. Killed in action on Isstvan III. [2d][2e]
Caradistros Noise Marine, Thirsting Brethren. [32]
Cario, Ravasch Prefector and member of the Palatine Blades (Heresy-era) [Needs Citation]
Carmine Noise Marine Auditorix. [14d]
Carrion, Mandragore Champion of Slaanesh. Assisted House Glaw in searching for the Necroteuch. [Needs Citation]
Charmosian Chaplain, 18th Company (Heresy-era). Killed by Captain Lucius during the Battle of Isstvan III. [4]
Colos, Golman 71st Company. [28d]
Comendius, Abdle Apothecary (Heresy-era). Killed on Isstvan III. [9a]
Curval Dreadnought. [Needs Citation]
Cyrius Lord Commander (Heresy-era). "Killed" Lucius, only to then be possessed by him. [2e][8]


Name Notes Source(s)
Daimon Captain (Heresy-era). [3a]
Demaroz Warlord (Post-Heresy). [33]
Demeter, Solomon Captain, 2nd Company (Heresy-era). Slain by Lucius. [2d]
Deucalius 12th Company. [28h]
Diomat Ancient, 12th Company. [28e]
Dread Carnethras Chaos Lord (Post-Heresy). [14c]


Name Notes Source(s)
Eidolon Known as The Risen, The Exemplar, The Soul-Severed, Master of the Eternal Song and The Auric Hammer. Lord Commander, later Lord Commander Primus (Heresy-era). [2e][6a][30a][30b]
Emmesh-Aiye Noise Marine Chaos Lord. [10]
Etiad Executed by Fabius during the purge of the Legion's tainted gene-seed (Great Crusade-era). [17]
Eum, Delorial Committed the Unspeakable Acts at the Shrine of Saint Killian. [14b]
Evenus Champion of Slaanesh. [21]
Excrucias Known as The Slaughterer. Warband leader (Post-Heresy) [Needs Citation]


Name Notes Source(s)
Fabius Known as Fabius Bile. Originally Legion Chief Apothecary, later member of the The Consortium. [2e]
Fulgrim Known as The Phoenician and The Illuminator. Primarch of the Emperor's Children. Fell to Chaos during the Horus Heresy and ascended to daemonhood. [2e][9c]


Name Notes Source(s)
Gaius Executed by Fabius during the purge of the Legion's tainted gene-seed (Great Crusade-era). [17]
Glorian Known as The Wide-Eyed. Second Sensualist of the Ripping Nails. [32]
Glorocletian Noise Marine commander (Heresy-era). [Needs Citation]
Gorrannius Captain (Post-Heresy). [22]
Gyr, Palos Subordinate to Flavius Alkenex. [30c]


Name Notes Source(s)
Heliton Captain (Heresy-era). Killed by Fulgrim. [3a]
Hellespon Captain, Later Lord Commander (Heresy and Post Heresy). [2f]


Name Notes Source(s)
Iddinam Lord Commander (Heresy-era). [9b]
Illios Lord Commander (Great Crusade-era). [2][3b]
Ironfist, Zarghan Chaos Champion. Expelled from the Legion after raiding the palace of his former captain, Vilius. [15a]


Name Notes Source(s)
Jihar Known as The Lacerator. Chaos Lord. [12]


Name Notes Source(s)
Kaesoron, Julius Known as The Favoured Son. First Captain (Heresy-era). Ascended to daemonhood. [2e][6a][11]
Kaitheron Sergeant (Heresy-era). Killed by Captain Lucius at Istvaan III. [4c]
Kalimos Known as The Whipmaster. Captain, 17th Company (Heresy-era). Died after being vented from the Andronicus. [3a][6a][6b]
Kiron, Argentius Legionary, 28th Company (Heresy-era). [8]
Kleos Captain, (Heresy-era). [Needs Citation]
Koh, Oleander Apothecary, later Joybound with The Consortium, later 12th Company. [28a][28f]
Konenos, Azael Known as The Silent. Centurion (Heresy-era). Second in command to Lord Commander Eidolon. [9a]
Krysander Captain, 9th Company. Later Captain, 102nd Company (Heresy-era). [3a][6a]
Krysithius Member of the Palatine Blades, later member of the Cohors Nasicae. Killed by Lucius in a leadership challenge. [31b]


Name Notes Source(s)
Lidonius, Blessed Sergeant, later Joybound (12th Company. Killed in action during the Shattering in 764.M34. [28c][28i][29]
Lorimarr Librarian (Heresy-era). [27]
Luastus, Raths Decurio (Heresy-era). Killed on Isstvan III. [2e]
Lucius Known as Lucius The Eternal. Captain, 13th Company, later Lord Commander, later Chaos Champion of Slaanesh. [2][8][5]
Lycaon Legionary, 1st Company. Equerry to [[[Space Marine Captain|Captain]] Julius Kaesoron and vassal brother of Fabius. Executed and resurrected by Fabius during the purge of the Legion's tainted gene-seed. [2e][17]
Lyras, Telemachon. Originally known as Lyral Telemachon. Captain, 51st Company. Later Warband leader and member of the Black Legion. [Needs Citation]


Name Notes Source(s)
Merix Joybound, 12th Company. Former Equerry to Lord Commander Hellespon. [28c]
Mordrac Known as The Castellan of Castle Sublime. Immortal warlord of the Daemon World Sublime. Formerly Sergeant. [28b]


Name Notes Source(s)
Nihhilus Aspiring Champion. [19c]


Name Notes Source(s)
Odovocar Captain, (Heresy-era). Liaison officer to Lord Commander Eidolon. Killed in action on Isstvan Extremis. [4b]
Oscada Sergeant, 45th Company, later 12th Company. Champion of Savona. [28g]


Name Notes Source(s)
Pakretes, Elian Sergeant, 9th Company, later 12th Company. Leader of the 12th Company's Kakophoni. [28d]
Palatides, Gulos Praefector, later Joybound (7th Company, later 12th Company). First of the Joybound, led the remnants of the 7th, 23rd, and 31st Companies off Quir. [28c]
Pelleon Lord Commander (Great Crusade-era). [3c]
Pulchrates 12th Company. Leader of the Company's Havocs. [28e]


Name Notes Source(s)
Quin, Narvo [Needs Citation]


Name Notes Source(s)
Rakatio Captain (Heresy-era). Killed by Captain Hakeem of the White Scars. [15]
Ramos Known as The Bull of the Eighth. 8th Company, later 12th Company. Member of the Kakophoni. Cracked the Medean Gate on Luna. [28e]
Rapturous Voice Noise Marine. [14c]
Revellian Known as Revellian Thrice-Burned. Chaos Lord. [Needs Citation]
Robellion Champion of Slaanesh. [23]
Roushal Captain (Heresy-era). [Needs Citation]
Ruen, Lonomia Captain, 21st Company (Heresy-era). Killed in action on Iydris. [6a][6c]
Rylanor Loyalist Dreadnought. Ancient of Rites. [2e]


Name Notes Source(s)
Sarancos Known as Ancient Sarancos. Contemptor Dreadnought (Heresy-era). [9b]
Savill Chaos Lord. [19d]
Scetherin Legionary, Squad Nasicae (Heresy-era). [4c]
Semptovitz Veteran leader of the Phoenician's Stormguard. [32]
Silver Prince Daemon Prince [Needs Citation]
Solathen Legionary, Squad Nasicae (Heresy-era). Presumed killed during the events on Isstvan III. [4c]
Soundwarden, Gilliax Warpsmith. [14a]
Sularashian Known as Marquis Sularashian the Sadistic. Bringer of the Bladed Caress. [32]


Name Notes Source(s)
Tarvitz, Saul Captain, 10th Company (Heresy-era). Presumed killed in the Battle of Isstvan III. [2e][4a]
Teliosa Lord Commander (Great Crusade-era). [2] [2c]
Telmar, Kasperos Known as The Radiant King, in His Joyful Repose. Captain, 12th Company. Killed in action during the Shattering in 764.M34. [28a][28h][29]
Thalopsis 12th Company. Leader of the Company's Bikers. [28e]
Thestis Member of the Phoenix Guard and Legion Banner bearer (Great Crusade-era). Killed during the Cleansing of Laeran. [2f]
Thodorion Loyalist Contemptor Dreadnought. [24]
Thorn, Grythan Decanus with Legion HQ and Equerry to Fulgrim. Died on the Heavy Cruiser Sunstone during the Battle for Isstvan III. [9a][28h]
Thrallas Legion Master (Great Crusade-era). Led the legion prior to the discovery of Fulgrim. [Needs Citation]
Tyrion Captain (Heresy-era). [2e]


Name Notes Source(s)
Vairosean, Marius Captain, 3rd Company (Heresy-era). First of the Kakaphoni. Killed in action on Iydris. [2e] [6a][6c]
Varocar, Nikola Sergeant, later Joybound 12th Company. [28c]
Vaust Known as The Bull. Chosen. [25]
Vespasian Lord Commander (Heresy-era). Slain by Fulgrim. [2][2a]
Vilius Captain. [16]
Vispyrtilo Eagle King, Wings of the Phoenician, later Cohors Nasicae Rypax Raptor Cult leader. [31a]
Volupus Legionary (Heresy-era). [Needs Citation]
Von Kalda Apothecary (Heresy-era). [Needs Citation]
Vortexese Executed by Fabius during the purge of the Legion's tainted gene-seed (Great Crusade-era). [17]


Name Notes Source(s)
Xezukoth Known as Ancient Xezukoth. Chaos Dreadnought. Slain by Zameon Gydrael of the Dark Angels on Kolagar. [26]
Xiandor Captain (Heresy-era). [2e]


Name Notes Source(s)
Zaven, Callion Member of the The Crusader Host. Killed aboard the Vengeful Spirit. [20]

List of Known non-Astartes Members and Serfs

Name Sobriquet Rank/Position Formation Era Notes Source(s)
Clarion Cohors Nasicae Post Heresy Possessed child, mistress of the Diadem. [31b]
Darax Second The Consortium Post Heresy Second of the Gland-hounds, promoted after the death of Ortiz. [28k]
Igori First The Consortium Post Heresy First of the Gland-hounds. [28k]
Ortiz Second The Consortium Post Heresy Second of the Gland-hounds, killed after challenging Igori. [28k]
Sasha The Consortium Post Heresy Gland-hound. [28k]
Savona of the Ruptured Skein, Lady of the Spinward Conflagration Joybound 12th Company Post Heresy [28c]
Wolver Strategium overseer The Consortium Post Heresy Strategium overseer of the Vesalius, one of the few members of its original crew. [28j]

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