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Known Members of the Emperor's Children

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Known members of the Emperor's Children Legion.


Name Era Notes Source(s)
Abdemon Heresy Lieutenant-Commander. Killed by one of his captains at the Battle of Isstvan III. [9b]
Abranxe, Bastarnae Heresy Captain, 85th Company. Killed by Fulgrim. [7]
Alkenex, Flavius Prefector and member of the Phoenix Guard following the Battle of Isstvan III, tasked with maintaining communication between elements of the Legion during the Heresy. [9a][30d]
Amadeo Dreadnought. [19a]
Anguis Sorcerer Lord. [19b]
Anteus Heresy Captain. [13b]
Argimedes 12th Company. [28h]
Archorian Heresy Lord Commander. Killed by Eidolon. [Needs Citation]
Armanitan, Hasten Luthris Heresy Captain. [18]
Axalian, Damaras Heresy Captain, 29th Company. [1]
Bellephus Originally a member of 67th Company, later a member of 12th Company. Champion of Savona. [28g]
Bellerophid Scarlet Marquis, also see his quote. [32]
Bulle Heresy Legionary, 10th Company. [13a]
Caphen, Gaius Heresy Sergeant, 2nd Company. Second in command to Captain Solomon Demeter. Killed in action on Isstvan III. [2d][2e]
Caradistros Noise Marine, Thirsting Brethren. [32]
Cario, Ravasch Heresy Prefector and member of the Palatine Blades. [Needs Citation]
Carmine Noise Marine Auditorix. [14d]
Cutsoul Traitor Legionnaire, known as Brother Cutsoul. [34]
Carnethras Post-Heresy Chaos Lord. [14c]
Carrion, Mandragore Champion of Slaanesh. Assisted House Glaw in searching for the Necroteuch. [Needs Citation]
Charmosian Heresy Chaplain, 18th Company. Killed by Captain Lucius during the Battle of Isstvan III. [4]
Colos, Golman 71st Company. [28d]
Comendius, Abdle Heresy Apothecary. Killed on Isstvan III. [9a]
Curval Dreadnought. [Needs Citation]
Cyrius Heresy Lord Commander. "Killed" Lucius, only to then be possessed by him. [2e][8]
Daimon Heresy Captain. [3a]
Demaroz Post-Heresy Warlord. [33]
Demeter, Solomon Heresy Captain, 2nd Company. Slain by Lucius. [2d]
Deucalius 12th Company. [28h]
Diomat Ancient, 12th Company. [28e]
Eidolon Heresy Known as The Risen, The Exemplar, The Soul-Severed, Master of the Eternal Song and The Auric Hammer. Lord Commander, later Lord Commander Primus. [2e][6a][30a][30b]
Emmesh-Aiye Noise Marine Chaos Lord. [10]
Etiad Pre-Heresy Executed by Fabius during the purge of the Legion's tainted gene-seed. [17]
Eum, Delorial Committed the Unspeakable Acts at the Shrine of Saint Killian. [14b]
Evenus Champion of Slaanesh. [21]
Excrucias Post-Heresy Known as The Slaughterer. Warband leader. [Needs Citation]
Fabius Pre-Heresy

Era Indomitus

Known as Fabius Bile. Originally Legion Chief Apothecary, later member of the The Consortium. [2e]
Fulgrim Known as The Phoenician and The Illuminator. Primarch of the Emperor's Children. Fell to Chaos during the Horus Heresy and ascended to daemonhood. [2e][9c]
Gaius Pre-Heresy Executed by Fabius during the purge of the Legion's tainted gene-seed. [17]
Glorian Known as The Wide-Eyed. Second Sensualist of the Ripping Nails. [32]
Glorocletian Heresy Noise Marine commander. [Needs Citation]
Gorrannius Post-Heresy Captain. [22]
Gyr, Palos Subordinate to Flavius Alkenex. [30c]
Heartwither Traitor Legionnaire, known as Brother Heartwither. [34]
Heliton Heresy Captain. Killed by Fulgrim. [3a]
Hellespon Heresy


Captain, Later Lord Commander. [2f]
Iddinam Heresy Lord Commander. [9b]
Illios Pre-Heresy Lord Commander. [2][3b]
Ironfist, Zarghan Chaos Champion. Expelled from the Legion after raiding the palace of his former captain, Vilius. [15a]
Jihar Known as The Lacerator. Chaos Lord. [12]
Kaesoron, Julius Heresy


Known as The Favoured Son. First Captain. Ascended to daemonhood. [2e][6a][11]
Kaitheron Heresy Sergeant. Killed by Lucius on Istvaan III. [4c]
Kalimos Heresy Known as The Whipmaster. Captain, 17th Company. Died after being vented from the Andronicus. [3a][6a][6b]
Kiron, Argentius Heresy Legionary, 28th Company. [8]
Kleos Heresy Captain. [Needs Citation]
Koh, Oleander Apothecary, later Joybound with The Consortium, later 12th Company. [28a][28f]
Konenos, Azael Heresy Known as The Silent. Centurion. Second in command to Lord Commander Eidolon. [9a]
Krysander Heresy Captain, 9th Company. Later Captain, 102nd Company. [3a][6a]
Krysithius Member of the Palatine Blades, later member of the Cohors Nasicae. Killed by Lucius in a leadership challenge. [31b]
Lidonius Sergeant, later Joybound (12th Company. Killed in action during the Shattering in 764.M34. [28c][28i][29]
Lorimarr Heresy Librarian. [27]
Luastus, Raths Heresy Decurio. Killed on Isstvan III. [2e]
Lucius Pre-Heresy


Known as Lucius The Eternal. Captain, 13th Company, later Lord Commander, later Chaos Champion of Slaanesh. [2][8][5]
Lycaon Legionary, 1st Company. Equerry to [[[Space Marine Captain|Captain]] Julius Kaesoron and vassal brother of Fabius. Executed and resurrected by Fabius during the purge of the Legion's tainted gene-seed. [2e][17]
Lyras, Telemachon. Originally known as Lyral Telemachon. Captain, 51st Company. Later Warband leader and member of the Black Legion. [Needs Citation]
Merix Joybound, 12th Company. Former Equerry to Lord Commander Hellespon. [28c]
Mordrac Known as The Castellan of Castle Sublime. Immortal warlord of the Daemon World Sublime. Formerly Sergeant. [28b]
Nihhilus Aspiring Champion. [19c]
Odovocar Pre-Heresy Captain. Liaison officer to Lord Commander Eidolon. Killed in action on Isstvan Extremis. [4b]
Oscada Sergeant, 45th Company, later 12th Company. Champion of Savona. [28g]
Pakretes, Elian Sergeant, 9th Company, later 12th Company. Leader of the 12th Company's Kakophoni. [28d]
Palatides, Gulos Praefector, later Joybound (7th Company, later 12th Company). First of the Joybound, led the remnants of the 7th, 23rd, and 31st Companies off Quir. [28c]
Pelleon Pre-Heresy Lord Commander. [3c]
Pulchrates 12th Company. Leader of the Company's Havocs. [28e]
Quin, Narvo [Needs Citation]
Rakatio Captain (Heresy-era). Killed by Captain Hakeem of the White Scars. [15]
Ramos Known as The Bull of the Eighth. 8th Company, later 12th Company. Member of the Kakophoni. Cracked the Medean Gate on Luna. [28e]
Rapturous Voice Noise Marine. [14c]
Revellian Known as Revellian Thrice-Burned. Chaos Lord. [Needs Citation]
Robellion Champion of Slaanesh. [23]
Roushal Heresy Captain. [Needs Citation]
Ruen, Lonomia Heresy Captain, 21st Company. Killed in action on Iydris. [6a][6c]
Rylanor Loyalist Dreadnought. Ancient of Rites. [2e]
Sarancos Heresy Known as Ancient Sarancos. Contemptor Dreadnought. [9b]
Savill Chaos Lord. [19d]
Scetherin Heresy Legionary, Squad Nasicae. [4c]
Semptovitz Veteran leader of the Phoenician's Stormguard. [32]
Silver Prince Daemon Prince [Needs Citation]
Solathen Heresy Legionary, Squad Nasicae. Presumed killed during the events on Isstvan III. [4c]
Soundwarden, Gilliax Warpsmith. [14a]
Sularashian Known as Marquis Sularashian the Sadistic. Bringer of the Bladed Caress. [32]
Tarvitz, Saul Heresy Captain, 10th Company. Presumed killed in the Battle of Isstvan III. [2e][4a]
Teliosa Pre-Heresy Lord Commander. [2] [2c]
Telmar, Kasperos Post-Heresy (M34) Known as The Radiant King, in His Joyful Repose. Captain, 12th Company. Killed in action during the Shattering. [28a][28h][29]
Thalopsis 12th Company. Leader of the Company's Bikers. [28e]
Thestis Pre-Heresy Member of the Phoenix Guard and Legion Banner bearer. Killed during the Cleansing of Laeran. [2f]
Thodorion Loyalist Contemptor Dreadnought. [24]
Thorn, Grythan Decanus with Legion HQ and Equerry to Fulgrim. Died on the Heavy Cruiser Sunstone during the Battle for Isstvan III. [9a][28h]
Thrallas Pre-Heresy Legion Master. Led the legion prior to the discovery of Fulgrim. [Needs Citation]
Tyrion Heresy Captain. [2e]
Vairosean, Marius Heresy Captain, 3rd Company. First of the Kakaphoni. Killed in action on Iydris. [2e] [6a][6c]
Varocar, Nikola Sergeant, later Joybound 12th Company. [28c]
Vaust Known as The Bull. Chosen. [25]
Vespasian Heresy Lord Commander. Slain by Fulgrim. [2][2a]
Vilius Captain. [16]
Vispyrtilo Eagle King, Wings of the Phoenician, later Cohors Nasicae Rypax Raptor Cult leader. [31a]
Volupus Heresy Legionary. [Needs Citation]
Von Kalda Heresy Apothecary. [Needs Citation]
Vortexese Executed by Fabius during the purge of the Legion's tainted gene-seed (Great Crusade-era). [17]
Xezukoth Post-Heresy Known as Ancient Xezukoth. Chaos Dreadnought. Slain by Zameon Gydrael of the Dark Angels on Kolagar. [26]
Xiandor Heresy Captain. [2e]
Zaven, Callion Heresy Member of the The Crusader Host. Killed aboard the Vengeful Spirit. [20]

List of Known non-Astartes Members and Serfs

Name Sobriquet Rank/Position Formation Era Notes Source(s)
Clarion Cohors Nasicae Post Heresy Possessed child, mistress of the Diadem. [31b]
Darax Second The Consortium Post Heresy Second of the Gland-hounds, promoted after the death of Ortiz. [28k]
Igori First The Consortium Post Heresy First of the Gland-hounds. [28k]
Ortiz Second The Consortium Post Heresy Second of the Gland-hounds, killed after challenging Igori. [28k]
Sasha The Consortium Post Heresy Gland-hound. [28k]
Savona of the Ruptured Skein, Lady of the Spinward Conflagration Joybound 12th Company Post Heresy [28c]
Wolver Strategium overseer The Consortium Post Heresy Strategium overseer of the Vesalius, one of the few members of its original crew. [28j]

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