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Deffkilla Wartrike

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A Deffkilla Wartrike

The Deffkilla Wartrike is an Ork Warbike variant used by Warbosses.[1]


Fast-moving fighting platforms, Deffkilla Wartrikes make little concession to armored protection for their riders. Instead of heavy protection, the Speed Freek bosses and their drivers are exposed to the enemy, showing just how tough they are without even flinching. Equipped with an oversized jet engine, the Deffkilla Wartrike can run down even the swiftest of prey, leaving behind a burning trail of flame that sets the enemy ablaze. Wheel-scythes spinning, the trike rips into the midst of the foe, creating bloody carnage.[1]

For armament, The crew of a wartrike wield Boomstikks towards the enemy. These Shotgun-style stubby weapons can rip an armored warrior in half with ease. However the real danger of a Wartrike comes from its monstrous passenger, usually a Speedboss equipped with a Snagga-Klaw. This type of piston-driven Power Klaw is equipped with a barbed harpoon cannon capable of spearing an enemy and reeling them in. In battle a Wartrike simply plows headlong into the toughest-looking enemy its driver can see, at which point the Speedboss lays about himself with ferocious abandon. After a good rampage, the Speedboss will usually hop back aboard his ride in search of new foes.[1]

Deffkilla Wartrikes are especially popular amongst the Goffs and Evil Sunz. For the former, the vehicles appeal lies in getting to punch the enemy in the face as quickly as possible, while for the latter prefers to reach the enemy as quickly as possible in order to punch them in the face. This bizarre difference is nonetheless distinct within Ork Kultur.[1]


Deffkilla Wartrike

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