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Seeker of Slaanesh

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Seekers of Slaanesh[5]

Seekers of Slaanesh are Daemonettes riding Steeds of Slaanesh.


Sometimes a Daemonette, or even a strong mortal, will steal into Slaanesh's sacred pastures with the hope of capturing a steed to ride. The Daemonette must trap the creature by exploiting its natural curiosity of new experiences, or by capturing it while it's distracted drinking from the pasture's rivers of mother's milk or scented oils. If a hunter can sneak close to a steed, they can use a chain of gold or silver to ensnare it. The Daemonette then adorns her steed with sigils and runes, and harnesses it with tethers made of loyalty and worship. Once a steed is caught a Daemonette can never let go, for left untouched the mount will escape back to the magical meadows to frolic free again with its herd.[1]

Daemonette-leader of the Seekers is called Heartseeker.[3]


Known Seekers

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