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Steed of Slaanesh

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Daemonette riding a Steed of Slaanesh (4th Edition)

Steeds of Slaanesh are swift and powerful Daemonic creatures of Slaanesh. Capable of running for eternity without ever tiring, they are often used as mounts for mortal or daemonic champions of Slaanesh.

A Steed has a serpentine body propelled on two long, muscular legs. Its head is extremely narrow, little more than a slender snout with eyes, from which a tongue several metres long flicks and darts and can taste the desire of mortals. Steeds are vicious when roused, their tongues lashing like whips, their clawed feet kicking and eviscerating. They are incarnations of Slaanesh's free spirit, insatiably curious and, like all Daemons of Slaanesh, always crave experience.[1]

Within Slaanesh's realm are great idyllic meadows of gold and silver. Here roam the herds of Steeds, hundreds of them roaming freely, like birds on the wing, allowed to flit and run where they please, shifting colour from soft blues to pastel purples and gentle ochres. Daemonettes sometimes venture into these pastures to capture and ride Steeds as Seekers of Slaanesh.[1]


Daemonettes riding a Steeds of Slaanesh (3th Edition)

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