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Dreadful Sagittary

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The Dreadful Sagittaries were Daemonic black centaurs that were created by the Warmaster Horus during the Horus Heresy[1b] and were named after the Tarot card they resembled.[1a]


Tall and powerful, their bodies are corded with muscle and the Sagittaries wore black helms with tall topknot crests of their hair. The Daemons most striking feature, however, was that they all had the Warmaster's face[1b] and also had his memories as well. The bond between them was so deep, that the Sagittaries felt whatever wounds were inflicted upon their creator. In battle the Sagittaries were perfect experts with their black saddle bows, and carried quivers filled with long bloodlight arrows that were composed of warp energy. Though the bows were their main weapon of choice, the Daemons also carried a black scythe on their backs, to wield if need be. During the Horus Heresy the Sagittaries hunted in the wild and un-timed steppes of the warp and successfully brought down every quarry they went after. As the Siege of Terra neared its end, Warmaster Horus sent a trio of Sagittaries to kill his Loyalist son Garviel Loken. As they fought, the leader of the Sagittary pack claimed this was due to Loken betraying his Father and breaking the oaths he gave when Loken joined the Warmaster's Mournival advisory council. Despite being outnumbered, though, Loken killed all three of the Daemons, largely by using their own arrows against them.[1c] Its not known if the Dreadful Sagittaries still exist, following the Warmaster's death at the Emperor's hands at the end of the Siege of Terra.[1d]


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