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Herald of Khorne

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Heralds of Khorne are the largest and most senior Bloodletters. They are rampaging masters of combat, capable of massacring squads of lower fighters. Heralds of Khorne often tame and ride dreaded Juggernauts into battle or mount a Blood Throne of Khorne.[1]


A Bloodmaster miniature[5]

Bloodmasters are the rampaging masters of combat and earned their titles by performing particularly noteworthy acts of violence. In battle they delight in decapitating their prey and plunging their wailing Blade of Blood deep into the beating hearts of their enemies. However a Bloodmaster cannot simply give in to its desire for slaughter, for their primary role on the battlefield is as a director of the massacre against the Blood God's foes. To this end, these Heralds imbue the Daemons of the cohort they lead with a portion of their own eternal malice, heightening the inherent bloodlust of the minions of Khorne to a fever pitch.[3a]


Rendmasters ride atop a Blood Throne, and few can comprehend the countless acts of slaughter and atrocity that needed to be committed to earn that honour. High in the Blood God's favour, a Rendmaster embodies a locus of Khorne's power and his blessing ripples outward from the Blood Throne. So does a portion of Khorne's unbridled wrath become infused within the veins of nearby Daemons, lending ferocity to their blows and driving them into a maddened frenzy. Thus, a conflict fought in the Blood Throne's shadow is inevitably an example of battle at its hardest and most unforgiving. Despite their high standing however, Rendmasters constantly prowl battlefields searching for those foes whose plundered skulls would make the most audacious offerings to Khorne.[3b]

Sacred Executioners

The Skulltaker miniature, the greatest of the Sacred Executioners.[2]

Sacred Executioners are a type of Herald of Khorne[3a], the greatest of which is the Skulltaker.[3c]


A Skullmaster miniature.[2]

Skullmasters favour the headlong charge of daemonic cavalry and ride atop Juggernauts, which make them forces of utter devastation on the battlefield. They relish the sensation of skulls shattering beneath brazen hooves, and will thunder into the thick of battle to seek out the worthiest opponents. Skullmasters are most often found in the Blood God's armies leading a cohort of a Brazen Thunder Legion, and in battle they are always at the forefront of a Bloodcrusher cavalry charge. What foes their Daemonic mounts do not gore or crush underfoot are quickly dispatched by the Skullmaster's Blade of Blood, which lashes out with spiteful ferocity.[3a]

Notable Heralds



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