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Herald of Tzeentch

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Heralds of Tzeentch are the most powerful and magically gifted Horrors. These beings are the most intelligent and independent of the Pink Horrors, capable of using their sorcery forcefully enough to blast an opponent into oblivion or weave cunning illusions. They often ride Discs or Burning Chariots of Tzeentch into battle.[1] Variants include Fateskimmers, Fluxmasters, and Changecasters.[1a]


A Changecaster miniature.

Changecasters are the most common of the Herald of Tzeentch and are named for the mutating magics they wield. They can often be found leading packs of Horrors within a host of a Scintillating Legion, a task much akin to herding beasts, so the Horrors won't caper off at any moment. Other Changecasters serve in more mundane and less frustrating roles, guarding sources of magical power or overseeing repairs within the Crystal Labyrinth.[1a]


A Fluxmaster miniature.

Fluxmasters are Heralds who ride atop a Disc of Tzeentch, and are so named because the great speed they fly at, reshaping reality in their wake. Fluxmasters are often used as messengers and outriders within Tzeentch's Scintillating Legions, and will frequently use their speed to dash into cover before using their psychic powers to hurl changebolts to smite their foes. Some will lead packs of Screamers in charges on the enemy's flanks, while others take charge of groups of Horrors, using their speed and advantageous position to better augment and direct their charges or confound their foes.[1a]


A Fateskimmer miniature.

Fateskimmers are Heralds who have, most likely through trickery, acquired a Burning Chariot. These Heralds will swoop and dive across the battlefield, cackling madly as they unleash fearsome sorceries from their lofty perches before smashing their bizarre contraption into the enemy lines. The most cautious and controlling of the Fateskimmers lurk upon a battle's edge, where they move along the back lines of their host and yell orders amidst the madness and change-fire. However, there have also been several instances of Fateskimmers leading entire formations of Burning Chariots to war.[1a]

Notable Heralds

  • Cha'll'aaa: Host composed of three Exalted Flamers and six Flamer packs. None burnt more foes or terrain than the host known as the Fireshards of Cha'll'aaa. Although the lowest ranking of all the legion's hosts, their star is in the ascendant, and Cha'll'aaa's name is spoken of more and more with suspicion...[1b]
  • Tch'fra-lar of the Burning Talon: Host composed of six Flamer packs and three Horror packs. Once the most favoured of Shim'dre'lex'kazar's advisers, Tch'fra-lar was outmanoeuvred by Char'tzzla during the final battle of Mordian, and has since had his prime position usurped.[1b]
  • Tkal'chaka the Iridescent: Host composed of six Flamer packs and three Exalted Flamers. When the revered Shim'dre'lex'kazar goes to war, he does so at the forefront of the Lords of Transcendence. It was they that mutated the statue of the Emperor Ascendant on the shrine world of Luminaria into sentient, molten metal. [1b]
  • Triho'hop of the Firecrown: Host composed of three Horror packs, three Screamer packs and three Flamer packs. It was during a conflict in the immaterium against the Plague Legions of Gul'poxx the Greater that Triho'hop and his host earned the title Bringers of Blackfire, for their changebolts and wyrdflames turned black amidst the contagion-ridden battlefield.[1b]
  • Lhull'cha: Leader of the Crystalline Blaze, a Host composed of three Screamer packs, three Flamer packs, two Exalted Flamers and a Horror pack. When the Pyroclastic Convocation emerges from the warp, Lhull'cha and the host known as the Crystalline Blaze are typically tasked with carrying out the initial strike upon the foe.[1b]
  • Trillex Cackleflame: Leader of the Cackleflames of Tzeentch, a Host composed of three Burning Chariots, three Flamer packs and three Horror packs. The most insane and wayward host of the Pyroclastic Convocation, the Cackleflames delighted in chasing down the last of the Imperial Ministorum forces on Luminaria, and encircled them with living warpfires as they laughed at their victims' terrified screams.[1b]
  • Char'tzzla, Bane of Obfuscane: Leader of the Burning Host. Host composed of nine Flamer packs. Wreathed in changefire, it is Char'tzzla's host that achieved the utter destruction of the industrial world of Obfuscane, the fires released so much rad-poisoning that nothing natural can survive upon the planet for more than a few seconds.[1b]
  • Zing-tar: Leader of the Wyrdflames of Zing-tar. Host composed of three Exalted Flamers, three Flamer packs and three Horror packs. Char'tzzla's former conspirator Zing-tar was slighted by the Herald when he rose in power, and it is whispered that Tch'fra-lar, foreseeing this betrayal, allowed himself to be supplanted by Char'tzzla in order to create a new and fruitful alliance.[1b]


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