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Herald of Slaanesh

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Herald of Slaanesh[5]

Heralds of Slaanesh are the most privileged and favored Daemonettes by Slaanesh. They are Slaanesh's handmaidens and courtesans. Besides their role in the Lord of Pleasure's court, they are also the fastest and most deadly of their kind and can ride Seeker Chariots into battle.[1]

There are a lot of titles borne by the Heralds of Slaanesh, such as Infernal Enrapturess, Abbess of Avarice, High Bacchante of Glut or Artisan of Pain.[2]

Infernal Enrapturess

Infernal Enrapturess

Infernal Enrapturesses[3] (also named Muses of Agony, Bringers of Discord and Heralds of the Choir Infernal)[4] are Heralds who play harps made from their victims. Playing the harp during battles allows an Enrapturess to bolster the summoning of her brethren and send out sonic waves that shred her enemies.[3]


Tormentbringers come in three varieties, with each one commanding one of Slaanesh's Daemonic Seeker Chariot forms.[5]

Seeker Chariot

Tormentbringers who ride Seeker Chariots, are Daemonettes of ghastly beauty. Should a foe be even be able to fire upon the Heralds, the would have little chance of landing a hit upon them, as the Tormentbringers ride the hurtling and swerving vehicles. The Heralds are also known to whoop with wild exhilaration, as they slam Seeker Chariots into their enemies' ranks, which cause ecstatic eruptions of gore.[5]

Exalted Chariot

Tormentbringers who ride Exalted Chariots, are willfully vicious Daemonettes who delight in ploughing screaming souls into the churned dirt of the battlefield. They strive to travel faster, strike harder, and leave even their lightning-fast fellow charioteers envious in their wakes.[5]


Tormentbringers who ride Hellflayers, are cruel and merciless Heralds, who are tasked with mowing down rank upon rank of screaming foes amidst spumes of blood and tattered flesh. Obsessive about ensuring the eradication of their victims, these Tormentbringers seed the ripped-up battlefield behind them with corpse-flesh and corruption.[5]


Tranceweavers are favored Heralds of Slaanesh that are raw manifestations of sensory excess and wilful cruelty. These Daemonettes flow across the battlefield with inhuman grace, keening gleeful war cries as they exhort their fellows to greater acts of sadistic bliss-giving and lay enemies low with the razor caress of their talons.[5]

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