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Imps are gibbering dataparasitic Daemons who serve the Demi-Chaos God Vashtorr.[1]


They can replicate themselves through the command and control networks of Vashtorr's foes and create a data-daemonic wall of binharic gibberish that fouls the best-laid plans. The Imps are also known to infest the Helm of the Cyberphage, where they offer their insights on the weaknesses of enemy war engines to the avatars of the Demi-Chaos God's will.[1]

Imps have been seeded throughout the Galaxy by Vashtorr, acting as his informants, saboteurs, and even sources of technological inspiration. They have become known as Gremlins, Will-o-Wisps, Cakosparks, and other spirits of sabotage and mechanical malice.[2]


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