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A Starhawk Bomber

The Starhawk is an Imperial Navy Bomber.


Starhawk bombers are larger, slower craft, designed to carry a heavy payload of plasma bombs and armour-piercing missiles, for use against enemy capital ships. Crewed by a pilot, co-pilot, tech-priest (plus acolytes), various turret gunners and a logistics officer, a standard Starhawk features limited sleeping quarters, chemical toilets and even an automated medical unit inside its hull. Armed with a multitude of short-range turret-mounted defence weapons, used to fend off enemy starfighters, a lone Starhawk can wreak havoc among enemy fighter squadrons before swooping in to deliver a crippling missile strike on an enemy capital ship. On rare occasions, Starhawks can be modified to carry and launch a very small number of anti-starship torpedoes.


The Starhawk is the more effective replacement for the Marauder bomber following that model's reassignment as an atmospheric bomber. It features an increase in armour, speed and maximum payload over the Marauder.

The Starhawk features in the standard complement of most capital ships designed to deploy navy wings, although some of the less well equipped sub sector fleets continue to use the marauder as their prime bomber.

Armament and Upgrades

Technical Specifications
Type Bomber Operational Ceiling N/A
Vehicle Name Starhawk Max Speed
Forge World of Origin Range
Known Patterns Main Armament Plasma Bombs, Armour piercing Missiles
Crew Pilot, Co-pilot, Techpriest, Gunners, Logistics Officer Secondary Armament Turreted Lascannons
Powerplant Main Ammunition
Weight Secondary Ammunition
Length Armour
Wingspan Superstructure
Height Hull

Navy Wings Known to Contain Starhawk Bombers

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