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Titan close combat weapon

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Titan Close Combat Weapon (aka Titan CCW or TCCW) is the generic name given to the oversized and extremely deadly close quarters combat weapons fitted to some titan-class vehicles and Knights.[1a] Several races are known to fit such weapons to their titans, including the Imperium[1b], Eldar[2] and Orks.[1c]

Titan Close Combat Weapon Types

For vehicles as large as titans "close combat" is a relative term, essentially starting once the enemy has gotten within the vehicle's defensive shield perimeter. Accordingly, titan close combat weapons are often large enough to mount additional secondary ranged weapon systems, as in the case of the Eldar Phantom Titan Power Fist[2] or are themselves extremely short-ranged energy weapons of surpassing power, such as the Imperial Laser Burner.[3] Most typically, however, titan close combat weapons resemble standard close combat weapons used by the infantry of the race that built the titan, but on a stupendous scale and utilising essentially the same technologies.


Titan Chainfist

Chaos Banelord with Titan-class Chainfist.[4a]

Reaper Chainfist

The Reaper Chainfist is a smaller type of Titan chainfist carried by Knight Acherons Imperial Knights.[8]

Reaper Chainfist[8]

Titan Chainsword

Reaper Chainsword

The Reaper Chainsword is a smaller type of Titan chainsword carried by Imperial Knights.[7] Once at the beginning of human colonization of space this chainswords used for tree-falling.[9] Though only the height of three men, the Reaper's adamantine teeth are no less deadly: swung with all the power of the Knight's servo-motors, the Reaper is capable of cleaving through practically anything, from the thick ferrocrete walls of a defensive bunker to a Super-Heavy Vehicle. The very sound of this chainsword has been known to cause enemies to flee.[7]

Reaper Chainsword

Reaper Chaintalon

Smaller weapon used by the Chaos Knight War Dog Karnivore[14]

Reaper Chaintalon[14]

Titan Power Claw

Arioch-pattern Power Claw with built-in Vulcan Mega-Bolters used on Warlord Titans


Smaller weapon used by the Chaos Knight War Dog Karnivore[14]


Warpstrike Claw

Weapon used by Chaos Knight Knight Despoilers[15]

Warpstrike Claw[15]

Titan Power Fist

Thunderstrike Gauntlet

The Thunderstrike Gauntlet is a smaller type of Titan power fist carried by Imperial Knights. Crackling with destructive energies, the Thunderstrike Gauntlet allows the Knight to rip apart its enemy, even tearing limbs off of Titans. When used as a bludgeon instrument the gauntlet releases a deafening thunderclap upon impact, so powerful it is capable of hurling Battle Tanks through the air to land amongst the enemy and crush them beneath the vehicle's weight.[7]

Thunderstrike Gauntlet

Titan Power Glaive

Known also as the Ashuna-Valcry'le, roughly translated as 'Sleepless Harbinger of Destruction', the Power Glave is one of the less-common weapons wielded by an Eldar Phantom Titan. In addition to its deadly close combat blades the weapon also mounts two Starcannons.

Eldar Phantom Titan with a Titan-class Power Glaive.[5]

Titan Power Lance

Imperial Knight with a Titan-class Power Lance.[4b]

Types of Titan Power Lances include the Cerastus Shock Lance.

Titan Power Ram

The Power Ram delivers a high-velocity strike capable of punching through the thickest armor and inflecting major internal damage. A single hit is able to send an enemy Titan crashing to the ground.[12]

Titan Power Ram[12]

Titan Power Saw

This motorized buzz saw Power Weapon is capable of ripping through the toughest of opponents.[12]

Titan Power Saw[12]

Titan Wrecker

A large wrecking ball swung at the end of a reinforced chain, its primary purpose is to deliver a crushing blow against buildings and fortifications. It however can also be used as a slow but effective anti-titan close combat weapon.[12]

Titan Wrecker[12]

Krius Siege Drill

Used on the Iconoclast Titan[14].

Chaos Energy Whip

Chaos Energy Whip[10]

Are a type of tentacle-like Power Weapons found on Chaos Titans such as the Chaos Warlord.


Smaller warp-tainted version used by Chaos Knight Abominants.[14]


Chaos Titan Tail

Chaos Titan Tail[11]

These enormous weapon-tipped tails are known to grow from Chaos Titans. Chaos Titan Tails are known to sport maces and wrecking balls, Chain Weapons, hooks, and cannons.[10]



A variation used on the Chaos Knight Abominant.[16][17]

Ursus Claw

Hekaton Siege Claw

Imperial Knight Styrix with Hekaton Siege Claw
Hekaton Siege Claw of Knight Magaera

This close-range weapon can smash vehicles and buildings asunder.

Tempest Warblade

Imperial Knight Castigator with Tempest Warblade

Perhaps the most feared of the Castigator’s weapons - Tempest Sword is a complex relic fitted with lethal and strange energy generation systems little understood in the 41st Millennium even by the Sacristans that tend the Castigator Knights. It is capable of carving a fellow Knight to molten ruin or rendering vast swathes of foes to burning ash.[8]

Ork Titan Close Combat Weapons

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