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Chaplain Dreadnought

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Chaplain Dreadnought[2]

Chaplain Dreadnoughts are a variant of Venerable Dreadnought which house the remains of Chaplains which have been crippled in battle.


Chaplain Dreadnoughts offer their battle brothers unparalleled spiritual leadership, and a Chaplain afforded the honor of transforming into a Dreadnought becomes a highly respected living shrine to the glory of the chapter. Chaplain Dreadnoughts demonstrate a ferocious hatred for the enemies of the Imperium that is devastating when combined with the powerful weapons a Dreadnought suit offers its occupant.[1]

Chaplain Dreadnoughts are equipped with weaponry similar to the standard pattern, with options for twin Heavy Bolters, twin Lascannons, or a Plasma Cannon on one arm and a Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon with built-in Storm Bolter on the other.[1]

Notable Chaplain Dreadnoughts

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