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Infernus Abomination

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Infernus Abomination[1]

The Infernus Abomination is a type of Daemonic assassin used by the Traitor Legions during the Horus Heresy.[1]

These horrifying warriors appeared in the latter years of the Heresy. The true form of these shapeshifting was known only to few, with most instead perceiving a roiling darkness. As they pursued their prey, the Wraithskin suits override their neural impulses and warp their body, pushing them beyond human limits to become the perfect killer as their bodies transformed into a visage that their prey feared most. This constant flux allowed them to morph weaponry known as Transmutative Armaments, taking the form of deadly Hammerblades, Spinelashes, and Talon-Rakes.[1][2]


Infernus Abomination[3]