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Master of Possession

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A Master of Possession

Master of Possessions are sinister Chaos Sorcerers that are versed in the forbidden art of using hosts of living flesh to house daemonic spirits. They also possess an array of spells that aid Daemonic allies and corrupt their enemies.[1]


Acting as the spiritual guiding hands of warbands of Daemonkin, the Masters of Possession are masters in the dark lore of the Daemonic Possession. The rituals enacted by the Masters of Possession channel the roiling energies of the Warp with more focus, ensuring that their subjects do not drown in Chaotic power. They are capable of instead trapping Daemons into complex arrangements of rune-carved binding stones etched with their True Name. Should the need arise, Masters of Possession are also more than capable of simply summoning Daemonic allies to the battlefield. Masters of Possession spend great lengths of time attempting to learn the true names of Daemons, often only doing so by offering up something in exchange. With the aid of Warpsmiths of the Cults of Destruction, Masters of Possession are also capable of overseeing the mass industrialization of this process, producing entire armies of Daemon Engines. Besides overseeing the rituals of daemonic possession, Masters of Possession are incredibly potent Psykers in their own right and can undertake the summoning of Daemonic armies into the Materium.[2]

Among the Chaos Space Marines, Masters of Possession are viewed with a combination of awe and suspicion. Though they are prophet-like figures who often speak of when and where a great warp breach will take place, they speak in twisting riddles and are known to betray their own brethren if they interpret it as beneficial to the Ruinous Powers.[3] Amongst the Daemonkin, it is only the followers of Khorne that scorn the guidance of a Master of Possession. These blood-crazed killers are contemptuous of the arcane sorcery of the Masters of Possession.[2]

Notable Masters of Possession


Master of Possession miniature

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