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Cargo-8 used by Necromunda scavengers[5]

Cargo-8s are 40 tonne Imperial cargo trucks, that are used on many Imperial worlds[1][2][3] and by the Astra Militarum as well.[1]


The gear shifting trucks, have room for two in their cabs and are equipped with a Vox-grate, headlights that can be shrouded or put on full light and klaxons that bellow loudly. If they travel in groups, the Cargo-8's can be configured so they share an alarm system. By doing this, the driver of the lead truck can press an alert button on their dashboard, in case of a possible threat or hazard, and cause yellow lights to flash in the other Cargo-8s' cabs. If there is a threat to the trucks, then the driver can press the button again to cause red lights to flash. The Cargo-8's cargo compartments are also covered, but they have roof hatches that can be opened.[1]

Cargo-8's used by the Astra Militarum, are equipped with bolters that are attached to pintle rings. These rings are located near the top of the cargo compartments and the roof hatches have to be opened for the gunners to make use of them. Since the bolters are connected to the ring, the gunners can move the weapons around it if need be. The sides of these militarized Cargo-8's have also been reinforced with armor and the front of their cabs are equipped with ram-bars.[1]


  • Cargo-8 Ridgehaulers - Used to transport the bulk of goods across Necromunda's Ash Wastes deserts, along with Dune Runners. Numerous Ridgehaulers and Dune Runners will travel together in convoys created by the Hive World's Guild of Coin.[4]

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