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Magos Reductor

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Magos Reductors are a type of militant Magos in the Ordo Reductor of the Adeptus Mechanicus. The supreme officers of the Ordo, these Tech-Priests are a breed apart from their politicking kin on Forge Worlds. A Magos Reductor is a master of siegecraft, extermination, and warfare rather than creation and the acquisition of techno-arcane lore. They are renowned for their cold and ruthless demeanor.[1]

Magos Reductors go into battle heavily armed with siege weaponry, wielding a combination of Power Axes, Melta bombs, Rad Grenades, Phosphex Bombs, Breacher Charges, Archaeotech Pistols, Photon Gauntlets, Maxima Bolters, Meltaguns, Graviton Guns, Photon Thrusters, Phased Plasma-Fusils, Irrad-Cleansers, and Volkite Weapons.[1]

Known Magos Reductor