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The Rusted Brotherhood's Arco-Eviscerators[1]

Arco-Eviscerators are a type of Adeptus Mechanicus Servitor, that has been altered to use Combat Drugs and have been armed with Chain Weapons.[1]


While they may look like gaunt, sickly creatures, the Arco-Eviscerators become frenzied killing machines after being pumped full of Combat Drugs. Once they are unleashed in battle, the Servitors have no imperative other than to hack and kill the Adeptus Mechanicus' enemies. Despite this, though, they are still capable of being led into battle by other Mechanicus forces. The Rusted Brotherhood is known to make heavy use of Arco-Eviscerators in their Warband.[1]


The Arco-Eviscerators and Rusted Brotherhood were created by the Games Workshop employee John Blanche and they were featured in Warhammer: Visions 12. Blanche asked his friend Kari Hernesniemi to help him with building the Arco-Eviscerators. The Servitors were actually inspired by the servitor warrior model named Stryderre, that Hernesniemi made for his own warband.[1]

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