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Heresy-era Night Lords Terminator

The Atramentar were the elite of the Night Lords Space Marine Legion who were equipped with Terminator Armour and formed the First Company under First Captain Jago Sevatarion.[1a][1b][1c]

During the Thramas Crusade the Night Lords Primarch Konrad Curze teleported across to the Dark Angels flagship Invincible Reason to exact revenge on the Dark Angels Primarch Lion El'Jonson and ordered Sevatar to take the Atramentar and join him.[1a] Sevatar complied and 100 of the Atramentar attacked the Invincible Reason, initially making strong progress until the Dark Angels fought back.[1e] Eventually, Curze retreated but by that time the Atramentar had suffered heavy losses.

Following his death of Sevatar, the Atramentar largely dissolved rather than follow Zso Sahaal, who succeeded Sevatar as the First Captain. Some, like Apothecary Talos Valcoran, put this down to Sahaal not being a Nostraman, but according to the Atramentar asked by Mercutian, a member of First Claw, 10th Company, it was mostly because the Atramentar felt no one could live up to Sevatar's reputation and he had formed the Atramentar into the brotherhood they were.[2]

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